Pole Day-Part One

This May I took my boys to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Pole Day. As stated in my previous post my first trip was in 1993. My oldest son Matthew first went in 2008. We just drove down for the day. It was a really long day. The following year Matthew and I went down on Friday and spent a night in Indy returning home on Saturday. In 2010 we took Zachary with us for his first time. We spent two nights in Indy on that trip and every year since. Both boys enjoy going to the speedway but wish we spent less than 8 hours there. I think they would skip the trip if we didn’t stay in a hotel and get to swim. The other thing that saves me is the National Guard, Marines and Army areas at the speedway. The boys love climbing in and out of the large trucks and pretending to shoot the guns. They even try doing chin-ups. They can’t quite do them yet. All in all it is a great trip and one we look forward to each year. I hope we do it for many years to come.

This year the boys had a half day of school on Friday so we were able to leave at a nice time. We made great time getting to Indy and checked into our hotel. We had dinner at steak n shake before getting into the pool. Saturday morning, Pole Day, Tony Kanaan was to be the first driver to qualify so I wanted to get to the track on time. I have a routine down now with a parking lot that I like to park at with good rates and easy access in and out. We then walked to the main straightaway to find good seats that were in the shade. The boys were a bit restless until qualifying began but we talked a bit with other fans sitting nearby and Zach made some of them checkered flag necklaces. Tony came out and qualified with a good speed but would later be disqualified because the car was missing a small weight that was to be placed in his mirror. By the end of the day he would have qualified in 8th position.

We watched qualifying for about two hours before needing to stretch our legs and find a way for the boys to play a bit. We walked into the infield and made a stop at the Social Media garage. I joined twitter shortly after the Las Vegas race. I quickly found that a lot of others share my passion for Indycar. Now I was going to get to meet some of the bloggers I follow. The boys drove/played in the track simulators and I introduced myself to the bloggers. What a great bunch of guys! They have kept me up to date during the off season and I had a blast talking with them. Zach gave Mike Knapp (15daysinmay) a checkered flag necklace he had made and then we went in search of a cold drink.

We bought some lemonades and sat down in the shade. Zach worked on more necklaces hoping to make some money by selling them. Within 30 minutes we were refreshed and ready to make the trek to the museum to see the military equipment.


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