Pole Day-Part Two

The boys had a blast climbing on the military vehicles, holding guns and attempting chin-ups.


We stopped in the gift shop and then hurried back to the main straightaway to watch the shoot-out. By this time the boys were exhausted. They would really prefer it if we went back to the hotel at this time but I want to stay till the end and find out who will be starting from the pole. TK and Viso went out to qualify but were content with 8th and 9th position so they both waved off the qualifying effort and used their original time. That was disappointing even though it was probably a smart move. Briscoe qualified with a time that would stick till the end but he waited an eternity to learn that his time was indeed the winning time. You don’t get a feel for it at the track but watching later on tv I was pretty anxious for Briscoe and I knew he would win. Josef Newgarden gave his best and I admire him and the team for giving it their all. James Hinchcliffe had an amazing run and would have won the pole posistion if his warm up lap counted as his first lap but it wasnt meant to be. Hinch’s time was just shy of winning him the pole Will Power was the last to try and qualify and I am still amazed he didn’t knock out Briscoe. Power seems to have both luck and speed on his side most of the time and it wouldn’t of surprised me if he took the pole.

In the end I was pretty happy to see Ryan Briscoe on the pole. I am the first to say I am tired of Penske and Ganassi always winning but Ryan is usually not the ones getting the wins for Penske so it is nice to see him up front too.

Finally, it was time to go back to the hotel. The boys were dragging their feet because they were so tired and I was dragging mine because I didn’t want to leave the speedway. This trip was a bit different than past ones though and we would be returning the next day. We had a kids club event to attend and we were all looking forward to that.


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