Cold Day – a non Indycar entry

Well today should be the kids first day back to school after Christmas break. Matthew already missed three days before the break because he had Scarlet Fever. However, the temperature today will not be warmer than -10 Fahrenheit so thankfully school was cancelled. So what do you do on a cold day? Two things- make it snow and bake.

I started some bread around 9:00 am. After I had kneaded the dough for about 5 minutes I realized I forgot the yeast. Oops. Well I had it proofing on the side so I added it in. Hopefully it will still rise as it should. While we waited during the first rise Zach and I tried an experiment. We threw water outside to see if it would freeze. I used cold water thinking it was already cold so it would freeze faster. We threw it out and didn’t see if it froze or not but it was not much to look at. Then we watched a video of friends on Facebook. They used hot water so we tried that and it worked great. Then we filled a spray bottle with hot water. That made instant snow.


Well that was fun but now back to baking. An hour had passed and the bread rose although not as much as I would have liked. I punched it down and shaped the loaves. Then placed them on a heating pad for a little extra help.


Then we made Nestlé tolehouse cookies.


The bread rose nicely while we made the cookies and it was finally time to bake the bread.


It turned out great.


Then we got the call– no school again tomorrow. Guess we will be baking some more.