Today is the Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

As I write this I’m watching the boys swim in the pool. This is not where I want to be. I would’ve been at the speedway hours ago taking it all in but my boys are average fans at best and swimming is their top priority. Our usual tradition is coming for qualifying weekend but since qualifying has changed and this race was added we decided to change our tradition. Or at least take a break from it. I’m actually quite bummed we won’t be here next weekend. But perhaps what is more odd is that I have never attended the 500. I am a huge fan and I never miss a race-on TV. I even showed up late to my best friends surprise birthday party because the race was delayed and I wasn’t leaving till the checkered flag waved. I was hoping to maybe finally make it this year but I have so many commitments race weekend and the thought of just driving down for the day is overwhelming so once again I will watch at home. At least this year I have surround sound and a 60 inch TV–that helps.

I will admit part of my reason for not yet attending the 500 is the crowd intimidates me so the GP of Indy should be a better fit. I’m still worried about picking good seats and keeping track of two boys who think they are old enough to wander around without me. So I’m doing all I can to make this a fun day for them. First, swimming in the pool. Sadly, this is their favorite part of the weekend. Second, I purchased FanVision. My boys are typical of any 9 and 11 year old, they love their screen time. I’m hoping this will keep them involved in the race. Third, we make checkered flag necklaces (thanks to a blog by Jill at Indycarmom). This keeps the boys busy and then they pass out the necklaces to fans sitting near by. Often these fans will give the boys a buck or two so the boys have enjoyed this activity more than I thought they would. We have used these donations to purchase new beads but I will admit they usually pay for an ice cream treat or two.

So what about the actual race. I’m super excited to finally be watching an Indycar race at the speedway even if they are going the wrong way. I’m also excited to take part in the very first one. IMS is all about history and family to me so this race will cover both.
I’m surprised at the front row with Saavedra and Hawksworth. I wish we would be in position to watch the standing start but I’m guessing we will watch that on the video screens. Our picks are always the same. I want Tony Kanaan, Matthew chooses Justin Wilson and Zach likes James Hinchcliffe. However, if I were putting money on it Dixon, Pagenaud and RHR would be on my list too.

So today I hope to have an amazing time with my sons, watch history be made and watch a fantastic race at the greatest place on earth. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the race as much as we plan too.


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