Success – Grand Prix of Indy

In my book today was a success. My boys and I attended our first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The boys attended their first race ever. The Speedway held a great race that was highly attended. All in all we had a great day!

We had a rough morning after Zach was up most of the night due to his allergies. That made us all tired. I was wondering how we would make it through the day. The beautiful weather helped. We chose to swim rather than head to the track early. We arrived around 12:30 and I was surprised at how easy it was to park in my usual spot and enter at the gate. We actually had an easier entrance today than we did on Friday. We walked a bit and watched the start of the Indy Lights race. The boys insisted on finding shade so we found very comfortable seats under a tree with hardly any view and no view at all while sitting- thank goodness for FanVision. The boys worked on their checkered flag necklaces and passed them out to those sitting by us. They had a nice time but I wanted a better view-any view. When the race was done we headed to turn two mounds but first we passed the fountain. Before I knew it two boys had their feet in the fountain. I personally am not a fan of fountains becoming pools but a quick dip of feet is permissible. Other kids were wading so I was willing to let mine sit on the edge and dip feet. I should have known better. They began wading while I checked twitter and then Zach tripped and got completely soaked. Not a proud moment for me. Guess I better keep a closer eye on them. We took a quick picture, were photo bombed and went to find ice cream. We grabbed a treat and found seats similar to those we found on Friday only they were much more crowded. We were able to find room to spread our blanket towards the top of the mound and with a view of the video board. We didn’t have to wait long for the race to start.

But it was not the start we were expecting. I can’t believe that Sebastian Saavedra stalled and was even more surprised with the crash that followed. It was a huge hit. I’m not a huge Saavedra fan but I felt so bad for him and for KV racing. Was it Saavedra’s fault? Did he do something wrong or just have horrible luck on the standing starts? I can’t answer that but regardless I felt bad for him and for the others involved. Once the race went green again it continue to stay green for the first half. The boys took a nap and I was tempted to join them. Not that I was bored but sitting on the grass in the sun was quite relaxing. The second half of the race saw more yellow, cars leading and then pitting for fuel and best part my boys were awake and watching. Watching Simon Pagenaud take the checkered flag was great. History was made and we were there. That is very cool.

So was the race truly a success? Obviously for me and my boys it was we had a blast and both boys said they enjoyed it and want to return next year. The crowd seemed huge to me. I have to imagine everyone at IMS is pleased. The standing start did not go well and I have to say I am not a fan. I hope that changes next year. I will have to watch the TV coverage before I judge the race itself. It probably wasn’t the most exciting race but it was better than some other road and street races. So in my humble opinion it was a success and hopefully will remain that way and one day years from now we will be able to say we were there for the inaugural Grand Prix of Indy.







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