My pre race thoughts

Race morning and the anticipation is about as high as it can get for me. I love this day. What I wouldn’t do to relive my first 500. I was sitting with my dad watching the 1985 race. I didn’t appreciate it enough then. This morning is completely different.

I always attend church on Sunday morning but race morning is the one time I stay home. I still spend plenty of time praying though. I pray for each driver individually and that they remain safe on this day.

I am probably one of the biggest fans that has never actually attended the Indy 500. I’ve been to time trials multiple times and my boys and I attended the inaugural GP of Indy but I’ve yet to make the 500. There are plenty of reasons for that but I have to say I’m pretty happy with the seats I do have for the race. I get to see all the action, have a great view of pre race activities, hear the back stories and get replays of the big moves. I was tweeting with Mike Knapp (15daysinmay) and asked if he was anywhere near Jim Nabors to please take a picture. He replied he would be about half a mile from him. My seat will be a bit better and I will be just a few feet from him thanks to the magic of TV. Don’t get me wrong, Jim Nabors singing Back Home Again in Indiana was a huge part of why I was hopeful to attend this year. I am bummed that I’ve lost the opportunity to see/hear him at the Speedway but I know that like Mike I wouldn’t be near enough to see him. So I will be on my comfy couch with plenty of snacks, a bit envious of those there and a bit grateful for the comforts I have.

One last thought. I tweeted TK, Hinch, Ed and Justin last night wishing them luck. These are the drivers my family is pulling for. Justin tweeted back saying “Thanks”. That made my day. On the eve of the biggest race of the year Justin took time to not only read tweets from fans but reply. Fans of Indycar are pretty blessed to have the stars of the sport who truly appreciate their fans. It just makes us more loyal to them so its a win win situation. Go Justin. Really hope you will be drinking milk at the end of the day.

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