Better late than never- my Indy 500 post

Sorry I took my sweet time getting this written. I won’t go into too much detail as most things have been thoroughly discussed by now but I want to give my thoughts on a couple things.

First- a personal issue. We just finished our basement and spent way too much money on the sound system. The 500 was to be the first race I watched in the basement. The HD channel did not work and neither did my sound system. That was frustrating so it wasn’t the picture or sound I was hoping for. Still need to get it fixed.

My family watched the start with me. Thankfully it was only my son Matthew in the room when Jim Nabors sang. I was crying- my husband would not understand that.

Steve and Zach made it for the green flag and we all watched the start. That was special for me. Hubby left first and the boys around lap 10. They would check in and Steve actually sat with me for a good half hour. He was reading the paper but…

Wow! Can’t believe how long the race went without a yellow. My poor nephew, Ryan, can’t wait for a yellow. Don’t worry it’s not because he loves the crashes but he loves Dario Franchitti. I heard that Franchitti only led the beginning laps and not those under yellow but there was no way I was letting my nephew know. He waved at the TV when the pace car was on.

Hate that Tony Kanaan ran out of gas and couldn’t get the car started. Seems like a huge mistake for Ganassi. Would not have expected that.

I don’t always understand the race lines and sometimes it looks like a driver is cutting off another driver but he is just racing his line other times I feel he is racing his line and then they get a penalty. So again I admit I’m not an expert on this but when Townsend Bell, Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe went three wide I was placing blame on TBell. Hinch had plenty of room to stick his nose in the inside. Townsend was up high and needed to come down- well don’t go high if you can’t stay there. It was Bell that touched Ed causing Ed to hit Hinch. Ok I get it, Hinch was last on the scene and had he not been there the touch between Bell and Ed probably would have been nothing more than just that bit I still watch and see that it was Bell that started the incident. He could have backed off. I had also just met Ed and Hinch at Milwaukee so I hated that they were out. All that said, I don’t place much blame on Bell, I see it as a racing incident.

I hate gimmicks and I would prefer a race to run its natural course. In a perfect world that is green at the end of the race. However, when Indycar threw the red flag I was ok with that. Yellow would have most likely stayed yellow to the end and especially after ending under yellow so many times in the last few years we needed a green flag finish. I think it was the right decision.

Ryan Hunter-Reay wins. Nothing against Ryan, he is a great guy, he is just not on of my favorites. I wanted Helio to get his fourth win or Marco to get his first. I won’t complain too much I’m still thrilled TK won last year. I can’t complain.

In our family pool it was my nephew that won the $33. He actually had asked to have Ed Carpenter as his driver but my husband chose him so he asked for Will Power but Grandma chose him so he took Ryan Hunter-Reay. I think he was pretty happy he didn’t get his first choices.


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