Dual in Detroit

I’m not sure about the rest of you but the thought of two races less than a week after Indy felt way to soon. I could have used another week to “recover” from the 500. I have no clue how the drivers did it. They must be exhausted.

Lets get started. Roger Penske works hard to make the race in Detroit a good one. While I like to see other teams win, it was nice for Penske to win both races. I’m done with Will Power though, he doesn’t need to win again this year. Helio- I would like to see him win the championship so he can win one but I rather just see him on the podium and have more winners from other teams.

Race 1- Helio on pole. Yeah

Race 2- Sato on pole- woo Hoo. I always like to see AJ’s team doing well.

Race 1- I could not even begin to figure out the fuel strategy and who was where.

Race2- a bit easier to understand the strategy.

Race 1- Rahal finally having a good day. Just when you are wondering if he will ever catch a break he finishes second and might have won if Power had not blocked on the restart.

Race 2- Rahal has a horrible day. This is getting old. Graham showed lots of promise a couple years ago but seems to be moving in the wrong direction.

Race 1- Power takes out Pagenaud. Man these two keep getting together on the track. And Power gets away clean.

Race 2- Power takes out Josef Newgarten. Power does get a penalty but his car was still working and Josef was out. Josef can’t catch a break. Looked very similar to when RHR took out Josef earlier in the year.
Kevin Lee on trackside said he wondered if the penalty was a response to people tweeting he always gets away with it. Cumulative penalty. Regardless, I think he deserved it and am glad he was penalized. Leave Newgarten alone!
Then even with the penalty Power finishes second. How does that happen? I swear he has the best luck.

Race 1- Power wins. Okay when he was having his dry spell last year he moved up on my likability chart. Now that he is winning again he is sliding back down.

Race 2- Helio wins. Yeah! After coming so close at Indy I’m glad to see Helio up front. As I tweeted, I don’t care if you like Helio or not its always fun to watch him climb the fence. When he stopped the car he took a second to “thank” his car. Then he made his way to the fence, not only him but the team too. I love it! Great interview after too. Everyone loves to win but Helio shows it.

I enjoyed both races. I’m kinda thankful they were on ABC so there was not a qualifying show- there just isn’t enough time to watch two races and enjoy the beautiful weekend with your family. I will be listening to Texas on the radio (if I’m lucky) so I will have a bit of a break. I think my family will appreciate that.


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