Mid Ohio 2014

So you can’t really complain when you’ve had 10 different race winners in 10 different races but it would’ve been okay with me if Dixon had not won the race today. That said, coming from last to win was amazing and the way he saved fuel also amazing. I would’ve been happy with Josef Newgarten winning. Can’t believe that they had that problem in the pit stop. But before we discuss the end maybe we should start at the beginning.

Thoughts from the start of the race-

1. I’m a Christian and I personally enjoy that NBCSN covers the invocation on their broadcast. I often pray for the safety of all those at a race. I hope others do the same.

2. Every time we watch the two seater I get so mad that no one ever mention Curt Cavin and Kevin Lee. I want the winner of the Fastest Seat in Sports to be an Indycar fan not just some random sweepstakes winner. I was just about to tweet something along those lines when it was mentioned that today’s winner was from Indianapolis. Ok if he is from Indy then he better be a Trackside listener. AND HE WAS. Finally. I’ve actually rehearsed my interview so watch out for me when I win!

3. Crowd looks amazing.

Okay on to the actual start. In all honesty I do like a good crash (as long as no one is hurt) because it can take out those guys I don’t want to win. That didn’t happen today. Tony Kanaan is my guy and I was so hopeful today would be his day. I also didn’t want Marco out either. How Hinch got through was amazing. When they showed the replay from his car- great driving and luck combined to give him a podium finish- well deserved.

I’m not a big Saavedra fan but felt bad for him. Apparently he lost oil pressure. He had been gaining and running fast so I hate it when those guys who don’t always run up front are looking good and then have something beyond their control take them out.

Speaking of that– Where do you start with Josef Newgarten? There was no way he could have avoided the hose that was in his pit box. Why was it so far out? I imagine everyone’s adrenaline was a bit high knowing they needed a perfect stop and that kind of stress is never good. The penalty for hitting equipment was the right call but I still hated to hear that Josef was being penalized. What an amazing young driver though. His post race interview was perfect. He didn’t have a fit, throw things or blame the pit crew. Just kept his chin up and said it wasn’t their day. This young man is exactly the kind of driver I want my boys to have a a a role model. I’m impressed with most of the Indycar drivers but Josef is among the top.

Can’t wrap this up without a few more words about Scott Dixon. I was really hoping TK would have the first win for Target Chip Ganassi. I never expected Dixon to win it from last place. I was shocked at how little fuel Dixie had left. Love him or hate him (I’m somewhere in the middle) but you have to admit he is one of the best. Sure he has a great team behind him but he shows time and again that he has true talent on the track.

What do I want to see next year? Can we add five more laps so it is not about fuel and everyone makes three stops? I know it’s all part of the strategy and anyone could have made the same decision but right now I wish the race would have gone a couple more laps.

Two weeks till Milwaukee. Can’t wait. I will be there!

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