Qualifying and fun at Milwaukee Indyfest

Today Kristen and I had a blast at Milwaukee Indyfest. I’m ashamed to say we didn’t follow all the on track action but, we made the most of our time there and met quite a few drivers and fans. What I learned during my day is that while I don’t always get all the technical aspects I am a super fan. So Kristen(not a super fan) and I put together a list to determine the difference between a casual and super fan.

A casual fan recognizes AJ Foyt. A super fan not only recognizes AJ but runs down Larry Foyt as he leaves the paddock and tells him their life story including how reading AJ’s biography turned her into a Indycar fan.

A casual fan orders a Pepsi. A super fan will only order a Snapple and refuse all drinks that are not official Indycar sponsors.

A casual fan knows the cars have engines. A super fan knows which drivers have a Chevy engine and which have Honda.

A casual fan walks through the paddock and enjoys looking around. A super fan randomly yells out names like, “Robin Miller!” and has that person stop and say hi and hopefully also grab a picture.

A casual fan goes to the Honda dealership to look at cars. A super fan stops at a dealership miles from home to meet the Indycar drivers.

A Casual fan knows the drivers names. A super fan calls the drivers by their nicknames/initials–TK, RHR and The Mayor of Hinchtown.

A casual fan goes for a mile walk around her neighborhood. A super fan drives 75 miles to do a track walk at the Milwaukee Mile with Ed Carpenter and James Hinchcliffe. Oh…and they bring a bottle of Fuzzy’s vodka with them.

A casual fan follows their favorite drivers on twitter. A super fan follows all the drivers, teams, sponsors and all the other bloggers and super fans. The super fan will often randomly call out a persons name because they recognize that person from their twitter picture.

A casual fan ignores old men sitting alone at a bar. A super fan begins a conversation with them and discusses all the intricacies of Indycar and unfortunately Nascar– but hey it’s racing and gives the super fan a chance to sell her sport.

Almost all of the above have happened to my casual friend, Kristen, and myself as we walked around Indyfest today. She is amazing for putting up with me. Things might be changing though— she randomly yelled out, “Charlie Kimball!” She recognized him before I did. I was quite proud. Oh and she also got the Firestone Firehawk tattooed on her leg- well airbrushed but still…

Looking forward to a fantastic race tomorrow. I’m really hoping TK or Josef Newgarden takes the checkered flag. I’m guessing I’ll be pretty happy as long as it’s not RHR.
Oh and while having an amazing dinner at Mike La Susa’s restaurant, Larry Foyt favorited my tweet– Ahh the joys of being a super fan. It’s pretty cool.

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