Praying for Mikhail Aleshin

Last night I watched Indycar qualifying and after watching Will Power qualify in a horrible position and Helio Castroneves win the pole I turned to Twitter to see everyone’s thoughts on that. Both have been so close to winning the championship and then both have lost it- multiple times. It might not be looking too bad for Simon Pagenaud after all😉. But of course my twitter feed was filled with the horrible crash involving Mikhail Aleshin and Charlie Kimball.

The crash had just happened when I checked Twitter so there was nothing to do but wait with that deep pain in your gut as you remember other accidents and tragedies from the past and worry about the outcome for Mikhail. But soon into my waiting I remember that there is something I can do. I can pray. Thinking positive thoughts is all fine and dandy but praying to the Maker of the universe- well that is amazing. There is power in prayer.

We’ve been asked in the past to write sponsors and thank them for their support of Indycar. We’ve been asked to do everything possible to attend oval races to keep them on the schedule. Well I’ve done both but I think the greatest thing we can do is pray.

Often (I will admit not always) I pray for the safety of the drivers and teams before a race. Sometimes I pull out the list of drivers and mention each one by name. This is especially true before the 500 and other ovals.

I realize not everyone shares my believe in God and the power of prayer but to those who do I challenge you (if you are not already) to lift up the drivers, teams and spectators in prayer before a race. I don’t want to get into a discussion on why God answers some prayers and not others. I just know God can’t answer if we don’t ask. I plan to ask that he keep those involved with Indycar safe. I hope you do the same.

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