My thoughts on Indycar Silly Season- from the heart

So I recently read George Philips take on Silly Season on his blog- He discusses the three remaining dominoes as he calls them, which are Simon Pagenaud, James Hinchcliffe and Ryan Briscoe. I will preface my blog by saying that George has a much better perspective and is writing based on facts and common sense. My thoughts are from my heart and mostly wishful thinking. George offers a realistic view of what might be happening this silly season and my prediction is probably not even close to accurate. I’m sure if you follow my blog you also follow George but just in case read his entry at

So in my wishful thinking world this is how I would like silly season to go.

James Hinchcliffe stays with Andretti Autosport. He makes that team fun and is a good driver. Sure last year did not go as planned but he has real talent and his personality can’t be beat. He is a great asset to the Andretti team.

Simon Pagenaud stays with Sam Schmidt’s team. Okay that is just not from the heart. I feel this one makes some sense too. Simon has had two fantastic years with Sam. He has won multiple races and has finished well in the overall points. They have figured out what works. If Simon moves there is no guarantee that he has the same chemistry with a new team and he might have significant struggles. Sometimes you just don’t mess with a good thing. Ok on the heart side of course I want to see Simon stay with Sam. I love seeing Sam’s team win and if Pagenaud leaves chances of Schmidts team being in victory circle goes down. They have a winning combination and mixing that up could not go as well as planned. However, rumor is Simon could be going to Penske. Would that change my opinion? Well of course it has too but if I were Simon I would still think long and hard about a move. Plus at Penske, Simon would be low man on the totem pole and that is not the desired position.

So what about Ryan Briscoe? Let me start by saying I love Ryan. He is such a nice guy. I’d hate to see him without a ride. However, if you look back on the 2014 season you hardly even knew he had a ride and with Ganassi nonetheless. He did not have a great season, nor did he have a bad one. He just was there, part of the race but not part of the action. I would hate to see Ryan lose his ride but if I were Chip I would be putting Sage Karem in that seat. Sage is the up and comer that could be amazing. He is young and would be a vital part to drawing a younger crowd. The attention that Sage would draw would go far beyond what Ryan Briscoe can do. A team sure has to consider the marketability and personality of a driver. Pair that with his talent and it’s a winning combination. Or at least I believe it is.

So I’m hoping for Sage on Chip’s team. I’m also hoping that Briscoe finds a new ride. As much as I want Sage in Indycar, I would hate to see Briscoe out.

In my perfect world there is a place for all the drivers but of course that is not reality.

So I remain hopeful but the start of the season is still a ways off and a lot can happen.

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