GP of St. Pete

FINALLY! So excited after such a long off-season to be back racing. IndyCar is the only sport I watch so this is a tremendous amount of off time for me.

As stated in previous entries the greatest disappointment is that Justin Wilson does not have a full time ride. Thankfully we have heard that he will have a ride for both Indianapolis races with Andretti Autosport. Sure hope that turns into something more.

Okay now for ST. Pete.
Not excited about all the Penske cars starting up front and knowing that passing can be difficult this could be a long race of chase the leader. And that is pretty much what happened. Thank goodness Tony Kanaan was able to squeeze his way up to third so Penske didn’t finish 1,2,3,4. Juan Pablo Montoya wins but it should have been Will Power. Had Power not had trouble in his pit on his last stop he would have won. He had the faster car he just wasn’t able to get around Montoya for the win.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Dale Coyne’s team. What a huge disappointment. Both Carlos Huertas and Francesco Dracone failed to finish the race. I hate seeing teams struggle but it’s about what I expected with these drivers.

Because Penske dominated it was a bit frustrating for most other teams. Ganassi can at least claim that they were on the podium. Graham Rahal was looking to have a fair race until he had to serve a drive through penaltly. Simona DeSilvestro needed to have a good day but she had some contact that kept her form running up front. Marco Andretti just made the top ten. Josef Newgarden finished twelfth with new teammate, Luca Filippi, in ninth. Pretty good finish for Filippi but a disappointment for Newgarden.

But perhaps the biggest disappointment was all the debris. If the front wings continue to cause yellows and break so easily I can see many teams going back to the old wing. I’m not expert but wouldn’t it be better to have a slightly slower car but not go in for wing changes multiple times. Well probably not but it is going to get old really fast.

So overall thoughts for the race–

So incredibly thankful to be back to racing.

Could have done without the Penske parade and all the debris. Sure hope that is not a sign of what to expect for the rest of the season. I like having multiple teams win during the season and being surprise by the outcomes. I fear we will just see Penske win after Penske win. Hopefully at NOLA next race we will see things even up a bit with a new track. Regardless we will be racing and that is always a good thing.


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