Fun Day at the Grand Prix of Indy

Wow! What a fun day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My boys and I had a blast. Our drive down took a bit longer than planned but we still had plenty of time to get settled in before qualifying for the IndyCars started. We enjoyed watching the cars and the boys tried to pass out some checkered flag necklaces. Unfortunately many people passed on our FREE gift. Guess we weren’t sitting in the right spot. Oh well. We continued watching qualifying and saw Will Power once again win the pole position. No big surprise there.

After qualifying we grabbed a bite to eat and decided to check out the garage tours. That was the best part of our day. We had a great tour guide. You could tell he loves the Speedway. We learned a couple new things and were enjoying the tour when Larry Foyt walked by. Perhaps you remember that in Milwaukee last summer I had the opportunity to met Larry and promptly began to cry when I told him how I became a fan after reading AJ’s biography. Anyway I couldn’t let Larry pass without saying something so I said hello and mentioned meeting him (and crying) in Milwaukee. He was kind enough to say he remembered. He was also willing to take a picture with me. After the picture Larry invited us into the garage to take another picture with the car. I was able to ask about AJ and sound much more intelligible than I did last time. Wow! So cool! And all because IMS was offering free garage tours. We rejoined our tour and when it was finished thanked our guide. He said we were free to stay in the garage area as long as we liked. What!?!? I honestly thought we would be escorted out just as we were escorted in. Unfortunately, Matthew needed to use the restroom. We used the ones right at garage entrance but then were told we couldn’t go back in. Oh man I was disappointed. I had asked specifically if we could go back in and was told we could only to be stopped when we tried. Others were turned away too. One of the things we learned on our tour was that we could walk along the walkways overlooking the garages to get a glimpse of the garages so we decided to do that. We saw James Hinchcliffe from that vantage point. We yelled down to him and threw him a black and white bracelet with his name on it. He was great, taking time to talk with us and appreciated the gift.

As we made our way towards the back of the garage area we tried getting in again. This time we were told we were welcome in anytime until 6:00. Yeah! We walked around some more and met Arie Luyendyk. Zach was able to say hello to Helio Castroneves and we also saw Josef Newgarden. The boys have not had many opportunities to meet the drivers so this was so fun for them. Great job IMS. What a great way to grow new fans.

With sore and tired feet we left the speedway and found our car. Boys were eager to get to the hotel and swim but I’m a big enough IndyCar geek that I had to take a drive down Main Street to see the new AJ Foyt racing building. We drove up and down Main Street and the boys thought perhaps I was lost. No, just taking it all in. There is never enough time to do all I want. I really need to live closer.

We made it to our hotel grabbed dinner and went swimming. Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

Will Power is on the pole and the first three rows are all Penske and Ganassi. I hope somehow that changes as the race progresses and we have some great racing like we did at Barber. I loved watching that race and was thrilled with the outcome. Josef Newgarden won his first IndyCar race and I would love to see another first time winner tomorrow.





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