Firestone 600

As I write this I am sitting under the awning of my camper watching the rain. We had a beautiful night Friday and Saturday but tonight (Sunday) the rain is coming down hard. We attended the Rockford airshow on Saturday and I attempted to watch the IndyCar race on my phone thru my NBCSN app. The app worked perfect and I had great coverage but when we switched from Sprint to Verizon (so thankful to have switched to support sponsors) we took a hit going from unlimited data to 10GB to be shared by three in my family. I watched the start and the end of the race but saved some data to be used by the rest of my family.

I loved the call to start engines by James Hinchcliffe. So very thankful he is doing so well. I look forward to watching that again when we get home. I was also very thankful for a good clean race. I was surprised when I tuned back in after our dinner at how few cars were on the lead lap and then that number dropped even more s the race progressed. I listened in on IndyCar radio as I walked with the boys to play at the park. They had made some friends but it was dark so I didn’t want them at the park alone. So I sat and listened and then eventually watched the end of the race. Dixon was amazing and put quite a bit of distance between him and Tony Kanaan. A yellow may have helped TK but it didn’t come and Dixon took the checkered flag with TK second and Helio Castroneves third. Only Juan Pablo Montoya (4th) and Marco Andretti (5th) also finished on the lead lap. Ryan Briscoe, filling in for Hinch, had a good race finishing 8th. Gabby Chaves finished 10th and Sage Karam finished 12th giving them both a respectable run. Pippa Mann struggled but still finished before Ryan Hunter-Reay and Ed Carpenter in 17th position.

It seems every year I am on vacation for this race and end up listening on the radio. It is a race I hope to attend in person eventually. Guess I need to plan to vacation in Texas.






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