Milwaukee- Fun for the Whole Family

To be honest, I’ve yet to take my boys to the Milwaukee Indyfest. I believe that will change this year but in the past the Milwaukee race has been a girls weekend for me. Every year though I think how much the boys would love to attend.
Matthew (12) and Zachary (10) began attending Pole Day at Indy at the age of 5. In 2014 we missed Pole Day and the boys watched their first live race, the Grand Prix of Indy. This year (2015) they attended both the GP of Indy and the Indianapolis 500. The only track they have been to is Indy. As soon as we enter they beg for a pedicab ride. They hate the endless walking to get from one part of the track to the other and of course I want to see it all so I indulge them in a pedicab ride to make the day more fun. I admit walking around the facility is exhausting. The Milwaukee Mile will be a breeze for the boys.
So here are some reasons why I can’t wait to introduce my boys to The Milwaukee Mile and why I think they will love it.

1. Size. Ok I’ve already hinted at this one but this is huge, well actually it is the exact opposite of huge. The Milwaukee Mile is just that- a mile. It’s so easy to walk from the seats on the main straight to the infield that you won’t even think twice about moving from one spot to the other. Also, the smaller track makes it possible to always see the race cars. At Indy they fly past and we lose sight of them. It makes it hard to follow the race. Milwaukee offers complete views of the track so you can keep you eye on your favorites the whole way around.

2. Affordable. Tickets for Milwaukee Indyfest are very affordable for families. Saturdays General Admission ticket is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids. At that price you can easily add a Paddock Pass for an additional $15 for adults and $5 for kids. Race day tickets start at $25 (kids-$5) for General Admission and reserved seats run between $29- $79 (kids $10-$30). Race day Paddock passes are $25 for adults and $5 for kids. The adult prices are very fair but WOW- the kids pricing is great! What a fantastic job by Andretti Sports Marketing to make this event affordable for families. Parking will run you another $10.00 but the parking is on the grounds and so close to the track. Well worth it.

3. Kid Friendly. So some things like the size and low ticket prices make the race kid friendly but there is also the infield rides. Milwaukee Indyfest has a nice amount of rides and activities for the kids to enjoy and it is all included with the ticket price. What a great way to get kids excited about attending the race. There can be down time between track activity and the rides sure help keep kids happy. Last year I rode the Ferris wheel and it was very fun seeing the track from that vantage point. I recommend it for all ages.

4. Fan Friendly. The Fan Village offers many ways to connect with other fan, sponsors and drivers. You can get a Firestone tatoo (airbrush), have your picture taken in the Honda Two-seater, take an IndyCar quiz to earn prizes and many more activities. Then there is also the cardboard cutouts of the drivers. If you aren’t up for waiting in the autograph lines they can offer a bit of fun too. There is always something fun in the fan village. We also enjoyed the Tweet-up. A great way to meet friends from Twitter and drivers. Last year Pippa Mann hosted and Zach Veach and Matthew Brabham did a Q&A.
I also recommend checking out some of the driver appearances. Last year we had plenty of time to chat with Josef Newgarden and James Hinchcliffe at David Hobbes car dealership.

5. History. The Milwaukee Mile is the oldest operating motor speedway. The speedway has hosted at least one race every year since 1903, with the exception of the years when the United States was involved in World War II. Barney Oldfield, Ralph DePalma, Parnelli Jones, A. J. Foyt, Al Unser, Jim Clark, Alex Zanardi, Michael Andretti and Helio Castroneves are just a few of the drivers that have raced on the mile track. If you are a fan of IndyCar you will want to make sure you get a chance to visit this historic race track. This year the Harry Miller Club will be on track Friday and Saturday. They have quite a collection of vintage Indy cars.

This will be the fourth year I’ve attended the Milwaukee race. A couple things stick in my mind. In 2013 they had cream puffs for sale. I still crave them. I loved the rickshaw races, unfortunately I didn’t see them on the schedule for this year. The Simmer truck is a great place to grab lunch if you are looking for a healthier option. And last but not least, Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant is fantastic. The Italian nachos are amazing. If you are looking for some place to eat I highly recommend it. They are located at 8955 South 5th Ave. Oak Creek, WI. It is an odd location a bit off the beaten path but well worth it. 

    Meeting James Hinchcliffe and Josef Newgarden. 
    The street party in Milwaukee. 
  Tweet-up. Met Pippa Mann, Zach Veach and Matthew Brabham.       Fun in the Fan Village.
  Rickshaw winner- Big Steve. 


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