So sorry that I haven’t been posting much here lately. Please check out NextGenIndy.com. I have been contributing to their web page since early June and lately have been concentrating on that. It’s time though to get back here. 

So here are briefly some thoughts on what has been going on in the IndyCar world. 

Sage Karam- ok this might be old news by now but I still want to touch on it. I had no idea Sage was so cocky and arrogant. His comments and actions are cracking me up. The boy has a lot to learn. Fans will either love or hate him. I’m still undecided. I completely understand why Ed went to have a talk with him after Fontana. Veterans can pull those moves but they appear much bolder and scarier when done by a rookie. Sage is unpredictable so driving that close to the edge would make anyone uneasy. But man he didn’t even back down or apologize when confronted. So cocky. Which brings me to my next point. Sage is way too cocky to throw the race. At Mid-Ohio his car spun at an odd point on the track and many suggested he did it on purpose. I don’t believe that for a second. There is no way he would give up the race he had going even for a teammate. That was just his inexperience showing. Sage is going to be interesting to watch in the future. He is just the character IndyCar needs. 

Derrick Walker resigns- Check out my article at NextGenIndy. I was kinda hoping they wouldn’t use it so I could post it here. Not everyone will agree with me–I’m fine with having Brian Barnhart as president of competition. The biggest disappointment though is losing Walker. He was well liked by the fans and that is hard to find. 

Road America and Milwaukee- great news that IndyCar is returning to Road America. I can’t wait to attend. There is a special deal available now- four days admission, parking and garage passes for $100. That is a steal. 

Milwaukee is still up in the air but it sounds like everyone is trying to keep it on the schedule. I sure hope it is. 

Fontana will not be returning. That is a huge disappointment. We had some great racing there and I hate to lose an oval. I currently don’t know the whole story but hope that this is a short term thing and IndyCar can get it back on the schedule for 2017. 

Phoenix looks to be on the schedule for 2016 so that is good. This is another track IndyCar has been missing and should have fans excited. 

Graham Rahal has been winning races and is currently second in standings. Loved, loved, loved that he won at Mid-Ohio. That was a great race and live seeing him challenge for the championship. I’m hoping he kicks Montoya’s butt. 

Only two races left. How has the season gone so fast?  The good news is we will be starting earlier in 2016 than past years and I’m optimistic that the schedule will just continue to improve. 

Thank you all for putting up with my random thoughts. Hope you check out Next Gen Indy and I will do my best to keep updated here as well. 


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