Josef Newgarden featured in a Children’s Book

I wrote this last year and it ran on the NextGenIndy website. I thought it might be fun to post it again since the book launches this weekend. 

In 1985, I had a school assignment to read a biography. I chose AJ: The Life of America’s Greatest Race Car Driver by A. J. Foyt with William Neely. I can honestly say the book changed my life. I was not a fan of motorsports before reading it but when I sat down next to my dad that May while he was watching the Indianapolis 500 that all changed. I was surprised to learn that A. J. was still racing along with many of the other drivers he had wrote about. I haven’‘t missed watching the Indy 500 since then. Eventually I began watching all the races during the season, attending races, started a blog about IndyCar and even became a contributor at It all started after reading one book. I’‘m so excited to see what impact a children’’s book about Josef Newgarden will have on young fans.
Josef, The IndyCar Driver will feature IndyCar star Josef Newgarden. Josef is such a high energy and fun guy. He has participated in many YouTube skits and IndyCar specials. He is always a pleasure to watch. He is very likable and well respected around the Verizon IndyCar Series paddock. Josef is also a great driver, having won two races during the 2015 season and was a contender for the championship. Honestly, kids already love him. This book will just help reach a larger crowd.
Newgarden will be teaming up with author Chris Workman to create a book that “will tell the story of his early career and culminate in a fictitious account of the 2016 race at Road America,” according to publisher Apex Legends. Workman previously wrote a children’‘s book about the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Workman’’s book was made possible through crowdfunding and that is again the plan for Josef, The IndyCar Driver. Donations can be made on Indiegogo. The book is expected to be out in March and pre-sales will begin this month.
“Getting the chance to have your own personal story told through a book is kind of crazy for me to even think about. I would never have envisioned when I started racing go-karts years ago that I would even have a career worth documenting, let alone be featured in a kid”s book one day! I hope this book can be used in many ways- not just to increase interest in the world of racing for kids but also to inspire them to get involved in things they love and follow their dreams.” —Josef Newgarden

If a teenage girl can become an IndyCar fan after reading a book, I imagine a lot of young children can become fans from a book too. Even if they don’‘t become race fans they will have to admire the character and determination of Josef Newgarden. Josef is a great role model for fans of all ages. I can’’t wait for the day I am at a race and ask the fan sitting next to me how he (or she) became an IndyCar fan and they reply, “I read a book about Josef Newgarden.”


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