McLaren to run the 500- is it good news?

So woke up this morning and both FaceBook and Twitter had exploded with news that Fernando Alonso will compete in the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500.  I first saw a cryptic message from Mike Silver on Facebook and quickly jumped to Twitter to see what was going on. There I saw many tweets announcing that Alonso would skip Monaco and drive the 500.  Hmm? Not real big news to me but anytime big names from other sports run in the 500 it’s good news for IndyCar and if McLaren does well maybe they consider coming on full-time and that would be amazing so okay- good news. 

Then I saw a tweet from Dario Franchitti saying “Typical @stef_wilson, a top bloke just like his big brother.  I hope his generosity towards @indycar will be repaid.” Then Dario quoted an article by Marshall Pruitt from 

It took forever for the article to load. It was driving me crazy as I tried time and again to get the article to come up. What did Stefan have to do with this story? And even know as I try to reference the story for this blog it isn’t loading😖

The article essentially says that the McLaren team was trying to find a Honda engine to put the ride together and after contacting several teams and having no luck a call was put in to Stefan Wilson who agreed to give up his seat for the greater good. Apparently his extremely generous jesture will be rewarded with every effort to get Wilson into the 2018 500 but for Wilson fans that is a long time to wait. 

So here in the Nolen house we are more sad than excited about this news. To this day when I turn on my phone I see a selfie of Matthew with Justin from the 2015 Milwaukee race.  We proudly wear our USWAG socks and Matthew’s pick for the 500 would be Stefan Wilson beyond a doubt. We want to see Stefan with a full time ride not waiting on the sidelines for another year for the 500. I do understand what this news means to IndyCar and do see the benefits for IndyCar of having McLaren team on board but it will take my family awhile to process the news. Sure hope and pray good things come to Stefan Wilson and that his kind gesture is repaid and then some. Can’t wait to see him enter IndyCar full time- it will happen!


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