Three things I know-

Good morning race fans, or rather Merry Christmas!  Today is the day we have been waiting for all year and it’s going to be a great day. The weather had been looking like rain was going to play a major role but sweetly that forecast has changed and it should be a beautiful day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

There are many unknowns about today. Will Jim Cornelison please the fans when he sings the iconic Back Home Again in Indiana? Will the cars back it safely through turn one, lap one? Will the Honda engines be reliable enough to make it through all 500 miles? And most importantly who will drink the milk and kiss the bricks? However, there are three things I already know-

1. Today will be an emotional roller coaster.  I will laugh, scream, clap, shout and very likely cry.  Usually hearing Back Home Again in Indiana will bring tears to my eyes, sometimes it’s the pre-race stories (If they show Alexander Rossi visiting a sweet boy in the hospital I will lose it).  Maybe I will cry when my favorite doesn’t win and I definitely will cry if my favorite driver drinks the milk. Family beware, it’s going to be an emotional day for me. 

2. The ABC broadcast is going to start off great. They have an amazing pre show and I always love their openings. Don’t let it fool you though once the race gets going Twitter will explode with comments about just how awful the guys in the booth are, specifically Eddie Cheever and Scott Goodyear. I used to not really notice but as the years go on it’s getting harder and harder to listen to the same comments which lack any real insight. Thankfully we have Allen Bestwick. He does his homework and I appreciate the job he does.  

3. Regardless of what happens during the race tomorrow is going to be a depressing day. If we watch an amazing race, one filled with unneeded cations or one filled with surprises the end result will be a bunch of depressed IndyCar fans tomorrow. I’ve noticed this feeling for years and was surprised when I learned that many race fans experience the same thing. I’m not sure if there is a name for it but after all the hype and buildup for the race the day after is always depressing and IndyCar fans immediately start the count down until next years race. Definitely a downside to such an amazing day but one I’m willing to take because today is our Christmas and today we get to watch THE GREATEST SPECTACLE IN RACING!  I can’t wait. It’s going to be a good day. Merry Christmas race fans. 
My picks- I’m happy with anyone who wins with the exception of about three drivers but I’d really love to see Marco break the curse. I’d be happy watching Helio climb the fence or TK kiss the bricks among many others. 

I think Dixon and Power will be ones to watch and if I was putting money on it I would want them on my list. 


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