Mother’s Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Musuem

For the last three years the boys and I have spent Mother’s Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The year prior to that we were lucky enough to watch cars practice on the oval. Three years ago they delayed the first oval practice to Monday so we decided to visit the museum. This year the first oval practice is on Tuesday so that gave us an opportunity to do the bus tour which hasn’t been operating in the past on Mother’s Day. I haven’t done a bus tour since 1992 with my dad and the boys never had. We purchased tickets and boarded our bus.

We were the first ones on so I had a chance to ask the bus driver how he was with history. He was young but said he grew up at the Speedway. He knew his stuff and helped me with a couple questions I had on George Phillips trivia contest. The bus tour began and while I didn’t learn any new information I still loved being on the track. We stopped at the yard of bricks and were able to get off, take pictures and kiss the bricks if you wanted. The boys definitely didn’t want to and even though my blog is named I Kissed The Bricks, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. More about that in a later post.

We boarded the bus again and finished our tour zipping through turn one at an amazing speed of 30 mph.

Back at the museum we went in to see the Unser exhibit the other displays. The boys did the simulator and we took our usually pictures in the car. The boys were intrigued with what look like a bank vault and ask about it. Larry was working that part of the museum and opened it for the boys to show that is was currently used for storing chairs and tables. He said in the past it was used to hold the money. He told a story about Emerson Fittipaldi being the first driver to win a purse of over 1 million dollars so they took a picture with the car at the yard of bricks with a million dollars. However, it didn’t look like what they thought a million dollars should look like so they went and got another million to add to it for the picture.

We strolled around some more, watched the movie and then I went back to find Larry. He seemed very knowledgeable and I had a couple questions from George’s quiz that were stumping me. Larry helped with a few, confirmed a few and filled me in on a lot of other details. Turns out he was a race car driver and even worked on Buddy Rice’s team the year he won. I thanked him for his help and went to find the boys. They always purchase my Mother’s Day gift at the gift shop so it was time to see how they were doing. They didn’t find much and needed ideas so we went up to the picture room and I chose a couple prints I would like to have. The woman working in the picture room also seemed quite knowledgeable so I asked her a couple trivia questions. She promised to look up the answer for one of them and get back to me. She emailed me today with the answer. She also looked up George’s site to do the contest herself.

As I came down the elevator I ran into Larry. He was trying to find me because he had found another answer for me. How great is that.

The boys and I went to the clearance shop and made a couple more purchases. That is my favorite place to shop. Great prices. I got a T-shirt from the 101st running for $12. Sure beats the $30 for a T-shirt for the 102nd -I will wait one year and buy that one at a discounted price too.

On our way to the car a bus tour had just arrived back at the museum and Craig had been the guide. I had been told if I saw Craig he might know some answers so I waited as he finished with his tour group and asked if he had a minute. Well apparently my reputation had preceded me. He said he did not know who was killed in a passenger car on the same street as the Jones and Maley Special, nor did he know which driver drove four cars in the same 500 before I could even ask the question. I asked him one other he also did not know. He then asked me three questions to make us even. He didn’t like being stumped like that I guess but again I learned a lot and enjoyed talking with him. He said he has two books coming out next year so I’m eager to read them.

All in all it was another great day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day with Matthew and Zachary.

As always we enjoyed Whatchamacallit’s on the way home.

Check back later to find out if we kissed the bricks or not.


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