Race Day

It’s the first weekend of summer break, Steve’s birthday and the 102nd running of the greatest spectacle in racing- the Indianapolis 500! I look forward to this weekend all year and yet dread it at the same time. Right now I’m so excited and preparing to watch the race. Even though I’m watching from home there is still prep- snacks, drinks, a notepad for blog ideas etc. Yet I know in a couple hours regardless of how excited I am about the winner it will be such a disappointment that the race is over and we will have a whole year to wait until we can do this again. Next year the plan is to attend in person.

So right now I’m just trying to savor the moment. I will be camped out on the couch long before the preshow starts and will enjoy every moment. Praying for a safe, fun and exciting race. Happy Indy 500 day race fans. Hope you have a great day wherever you are watching from and hope tomorrow finds you still smiling about the results rather than depressed as we wait a whole year to do this again.


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