The Coolest Thing about IndyCar

The cars, the sound, the speed? These are all amazing things about IndyCar but the coolest thing is the people! Not just the drivers but of course they are super cool but the entire IndyCar group- drivers, owners, crew members, tv and radio personalities, bloggers, twitter friends, fans and everyone who attends a race weekend.

Almost as soon as we entered the IndyCar paddock we ran into Tony Dizinno. Tony wrote my favorite article about Justin Wilson and I always enjoy catching up with him. Soon after we saw Katie Harget, Mike Hull, a fan I don’t know but we often see at races among others. We didn’t talk with all them but still makes walking around feel familiar and like a family outing. Then we saw Robin Miller and George Phillips and his wife Susan. Oh and we had only been there less than an hour.

I’m not trying to name drop although it might seem that way especially as I continue, but honestly my point is I’m just a fan who attends a couple races a year and somehow I have many friends within the paddock.

As the weekend progressed we saw Curt Cavin, too many drivers to count and spent over 20 minutes talking with Marshall Pruett. Mario Andretti loved that we had visited his winery. We caught up with friend and fellow blogger Mike Silver. But here is the best story.

In 2015 we gave James Hinchcliffe a checkered flag bracelet and after his horrible accident gave Ryan Briscoe a checkered flag necklace to give to James. He did and you can read the full story here. Today when we saw Hinch I said we were the ones who gave him the necklace. He saw mine and said, “Oh yeah, it’s still hanging in my room.” Wow! I didn’t expect that. Very cool. Does he know us-no but he also won’t ever not know us. Just needs a little reminder. One of his crew guys, Scott, helped us find Hinch at the Milwaukee Race in 2015 and we have been friends with him ever since and always say “Hi” on race weekends.

So yes I’m excited for the race today. Yes we love watching cars go fast. Yes we love great passes. Yes we love when our favorites win. But the coolest part of IndyCar is that is truly is a family.

Thank you to everyone who sent thoughts or prayers for Matthew. He has arrived in Pignon, Haiti safely as is eager to start working with the Haitians on his mission trip.

note- I’m having trouble downloading images so if you check back later I hope to have some more attached. Thanks for reading.

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