Alexander Rossi Dominates at Long Beach- Take Two

As I began to type in my title for this post it came up with last years post where you guessed it- Alexander Rossi dominated. To be honest as I was watching the race I wasn’t sure if I would even do a blog post as I just didn’t have many ideas on what to write on. I enjoyed the race but it was not full of story lines or at least the ones I tend to write about but just at the end it got interesting and I thought I put together a couple thoughts.

Alexander Rossi – The title says it all. Rossi won the pole and went on to win the race pulling away by as much as 12 seconds. No one really ever came close to Rossi’s speed. It was his day.

Josef Newgarden – Josef made a comment in his post race interview that made me smile. He said it really gets old (not winning) after awhile. Poor Josef, it’s been three races. I get it, he is a great driver on a fantastic team and he and the team expect to win. That said I’m sure Josef will win again this season and until then I’m enjoying watching a variety of teams and drivers enjoy the top step of the podium. Josef is still the points leader.

Graham Rahal – So the big controversy was if Graham Rahal blocked or not. On the last lap in the last few corners Graham was in third with Scott Dixon closing in. The IndyCars are allowed to change their race line in anticipation of the driver behind making an attempt to pass but may not react to the driver in back making a move. Honestly, that’s a hard call to make. The lead driver could have a plan but execute it just a bit after the driver in backs makes his move, then it’s blocking. If Graham blocked or not I don’t think he did anything wrong. You have to go for it. I bet Marco wishes he had done that to hold off Sam Hornish Jr in the 2008 Indy 500. Let the officials decide later but if you let someone pass there is no way you get the position. If you let people pass and are not aggressive you don’t belong in Motorsports. Graham was going for it and was able to keep it safe while doing so. Watching replays, I don’t disagree with the call that Graham was indeed blocking. I was disappointed though, Graham could have used the podium finish to build momentum.

So there is my quick review of Long Beach. I always enjoy watching this race, the sunny skies and the beautiful blue fountain. It was snowing here in the Midwest. We received six inches of snow so that made viewing Long Beach even more enjoyable.

Now on to Indy! I will be attending both the GP of Indy and the Indianapolis 500! ISIT MAY YET?


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