I Won’t be at The 500 and That’s Okay

After being on the edge of my seat for qualifying- actually that’s not true- I was standing during Hinch’s qualifying run, I’m greatly reconsidering my choice to not attend this this years 500. But than again it wasn’t really a choice, my husband turns 50 on the 27th and we are having a party on the 28th. Steve is not a fan and of course my marriage is more important than attending the 500. Actually I’ve only attend one Indy 500 and that was last year. I enjoyed every minute but I’m okay with watching from home this year and here’s why—

1. As previously stated Steve has no interest in going and he has a pretty big milestone to celebrate. We have a family night planned for Friday which is his actually birthday. I really tried to convince him that Curt Cavin’s Carb Night Burger Bash would be a great way to celebrate but he wasn’t going for it. I also thought the perfect way to celebrate a 50th birthday is to attend the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 but again no interest. Saturday we have a party planned and then on Sunday he will watch the start of the race with me. 

2. I really don’t like big crowds.  I can’t even imagine what the race will be like this year with so many people there. I’m thankful to not have to worry about that. 

3. Weather won’t be a problem for me. Of course I will be disappointed if it rains but I always love the interviews and special segments that run during a rain delay. The temperature won’t be an issue for me either. Last year it was a beautiful day but man did it feel hot sitting in the stands. The boys were complaining and we left our seats to look for shade and eventually dipped our toes in the fountain. I had no clue hat was happening on the track. I won’t have to worry about those interruptions in my air conditioned house. 

4. No lines for the bathroom or snacks. Sure I will miss the tenderloin sandwich but I will have my favorite snacks and beverages prepared. Oh and I won’t have to carry all my things for miles from the car to my seat. 

5. Tradition!  My tradition, except last year, is to watch the race on TV. I live in the Chicago area so I can watch live. I watched the 1985 race with my dad in the front room of my childhood home. Dad and I continued to watch the races together and if we weren’t together we would call each other many times during the race. My dad has been gone since 2007 but he is always on my mind on race day. Dad took me to Pole Day at IMS in 1993. We had such a fun weekend and now I take my boys. The Indy 500 is all about tradition. My traditions might be a bit different from those in the Hoosier state but the are special to me.  I have a front row seat for all the action from my couch. I don’t miss a thing and if I do I can rewind. Steve and the boys watch the beginning and then check in during the race. I make a taco dip and enjoy more of it than I should. In recent years I keep an eye on Twitter to share my thoughts and hear others. I thoroughly enjoy my Indy 500 tradition. 
So yes in a perfect world I would be in attendance for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. I would hear the engines and smell the burnt rubber but watching at home won’t lessen my excitement. It’s still the 100th running and it will be epic from whichever seat you have.  To my friends there, tweet lots of pictures and enjoy every minute. To those watching on TV, keep tweeting and enjoy every minute. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!