Tony Kanaan kisses the bricks

I named my blog- I kissed the bricks. Today I couldn’t be happier that Tony Kanaan truely did kiss the bricks. It has been a long time coming and it was an amazing race with an amazing finish.

Last week at time trials I purchased a new TK shirt. This morning I put it on with high hopes and also wore my checkered flag necklace. When TK took the lead early I knew it was much too soon to get my hopes up but still I did. With a record number of lead changes though all it did was make me sick to my stomach every time TK took or lost the lead. When Graham Rahal crashed and the track went yellow with Ryan Hunter-Reay leading I was devastated. Get that track green and quick. Later when Dario Franchitti crashed and TK was leading the last thing I wanted was for the track to go green.

Today was an amazing race with an even more amazing finish and after years of cheering for TK and continuously picking him in my family pool my dedication to my favorite driver has finally paid off. The pool only pays $33 but the victory I got by seeing Tony Kanaan win was priceless.

Indycar is a fantastic sport. Hearing all the kind remarks made by fellow drivers and respect in their voices when talking about each other is such a wonderful example for my two boys. I am proud to be an Indycar fan and extremely proud to be a Tony Kanaan fan.

Way to go TK. You will forever be known as the 2013 winner of the Indianapolis 500. I’m sure the taste of the milk and the feel of the bricks will never leave you.