Toronto Race 1- pre race

Great start to the weekend. Love that Sebastian Bourdais is on the pole. Not that I’m a big fan but always love when it is someone new. Also love that it will be a rain race. I loved the rain race in Houston. Looking forward to lots of action. Especially with a standing start.

Red flag and timed race– not off to the start I was looking forward to.

Crazy start. Both Briscoe and Power with problems before we even go green. Even the pace car slid in the rain. That is a first for me. Praying everyone stays safe.

Power has never been my favorite and my opinion of him has gone down the last couple weeks so I’m not upset that he hit the wall. Would like to see us get a green flag though.

If the laps don’t count and power is not burning gas then how is that fair? Power seriously has the best luck. Sitting on pit lane while everyone goes around the track and the laps are not counting.

Of course Marco stopped. He is at the back and they have run several laps. Try any strategy. He can’t run too fast with the spray. Could work good for him.

Ooh Power is out! Maybe he isn’t the luckiest driver.

And a waved off start. Really? Either delay the race or start it. Crazy!

And red flag again. The drivers are all running to the bathroom. Never saw anything like this. Crazy!

Montoya with an electrical issue. Of course I’m sure the rain will cause lots of electrical problems today.

Watching the fans sitting in the rain reminds me of the fun my boys and I had during qualifying for the GP of Indy. They made a tent with their ponchos and watch qualifying on fanVision. I opened a beer and watched while wearing my poncho.

Tony Kanaan gave the best explanation of why the race has not started.

Love AJ. He is just missing the old days. Wish I had seen him race more.

Dario! I miss him! I wasn’t always the biggest Dario fan. Well that is not exactly true- I just didn’t want him to win every week. I have always really liked Dario. So glad he has found a way to enjoy this new chapter.

Again Will Power has the best luck. Long red and suddenly he could be back in the mix.

Car 8, 12 and 2 start from the back. They all had significant problems so I agree with that rule.

They had 13 laps under caution.

What is the make and model of the pace car? Seriously we are on a street course. I wouldn’t expect my minivan to have trouble. Very interesting watching the pace car have trouble.

Ok delayed again. I’m thinking this race will not happen and my family is ready for dinner so I guess I’ll post this as my pre race thoughts.
Just wrote this as I watched pre race. Hope you can follow along.

I’m a bit disappointed. I always want a safe race but I was looking forward to the race. Probably the right decision but very disappointing and Crazy!