I have been enjoying reading Indycar blogs and thought I might try my hand at it. I am just writing out thoughts as quickly as I can and make no apology for misspelled words or bad grammar. This blog may actually be more of a journal. I might share some thoughts along the way but I don’t think I will have any breaking news about Indycar. I am just sharing my experiences either at a race or watching it on TV. I might also have an occasional vacation post. If you are reading I hope you enjoy but mostly I hope you share my love of Indycar.

Some other things to know about me. I am married with two wonderful boys. My husband is not a race fan but I am working hard to instill a love for Indycar in my boys. Our first priority though is our Heavenly Father. It is my deepest desire that my boys love the Lord and seek His will for their lives.

Well I guess that is what you would need to know to get started. Happy reading.

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