A Typical IndyCar Fan

A sad stereotype among IndyCar fans is that they are complainers. Well maybe I’m becoming a typical fan because here are some of my complaints.

Peacock Coverage– I can’t truly complain because we have Comcast so I get Peacock for free but the streaming can be wonky and buffers a lot. I also do not like that I have to watch live or else wait a hour or so until the replay is up. I was also a bit surprised to encounter some commercials during practice. Not the end of the world but just a bit frustrating.

Jimmy Johnson– Don’t get me wrong, I like Jimmy but shouldn’t he be doing better this year. Townsend Bell made a big deal on the coverage of saying how Jimmy’s times are about a second better than his times last year at this same event. Seriously? Everyone’s times must be a heck of a lot better because nearly half the field broke the previous track record set by Jordan King. It makes it sound like Jimmy is doing much better the way Townsend says it but in reality he is still struggling. Also every rookie qualified better than him. What am I missing? Jimmy is struggling more than he should. Fellow sophomore, Scott McLaughlin won the pole. If Scott can figure it out why can’t Jimmy?

The 28 DHL Car- I was never a Ryan Hunter-Reay fan. I loved seeing the yellow DHL car spin or go off track. I am a fan of Romain Grosjean though. When the number 28 car has had problems my initial reaction is happy but then I remember that it is not RHR in the car but Grosjean and I am saddened to see him struggle. It’s is going to take me all season to learn to root for the DHL car.

Too many driver changes and Pink cars – ok maybe I’m looking for things to complain about now but…every time I see the number 3 car I still think it’s Helio Castroneves. So many drivers have switched seats so learning Sato, Harvey, Pagenaud and Grosjean new liveries plus the six rookies will take a bit of time. Telling the difference between the three pink cars of Castroneves, Pagenaud and Rossi will be tricky. The Rockit cars are also extremely similiar and even the yellow number 28 & 29 cars have a similar paint scheme with only a slight shade difference. I will figure it all out soon but will take a few seconds to really determine which driver I’m watching.

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit extreme. There are definitely bigger things I could be complaining about. Overall, I’m thrilled that the season is starting and can’t wait to see who takes the checkered flag tomorrow. Happy race weekend everyone. It’s good to be back.

Some things to be excited about-

Kyle Kirkwood was extremely impressive with the AJ Foyt team. I’d love to see that team do better. Dalton Kellet also has his highest starting position. I assumed Tatiana Calderon would be starting last but she is ahead of NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson.

Rinus Veekay qualified fourth. I love this young driver and hope he has a great season.

The entire Rookie field will be entertaining to watch this season.

We have a female in the field and as stated she isn’t starting last. In all fairness even if she was Tatiana is on a team that has struggled in the past and she is a rookie. It’s going to be a tough season for her but im excited to watch what she can do.

James Hinchcliffe is amazing in the booth. I wish he were driving. James has been a favorite of ours for many years but I’m so glad he is still a part of the show and it’s especially fun hearing his insights when he knows all the drivers so well and has raced so recently.

Last thoughts

Who is your pick for tomorrow’s race? While he hasn’t won a race yet I think I’m going with Scott McLaughlin. He won the pole and has made steady improvement all last season. I think tomorrow might be his day.