The Spectacle

Chris Workman has done it again. He wrote an amazing book to get kids excited about IndyCar. His newest book, “The Spectacle” features the Indianapolis 500, known as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. The great thing is this book isn’t just for kids. It’s filled with lots of information to help any fan, old or new, keep track of the last 100 years at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Chris does a great job at both telling a story and sharing facts. 

Cooper and Avery, the young characters in the book, have lots of questions for their dad about the Indy 500. Dad gives a short history lesson that covers all 100 years. Special attention is paid to certain events –

  • -the track itself and changes made through the years.
  • -years the speedway was closed and the different men that owned the speedway.
  • -Danny Sullivan’s “spin and win”
  • -Four time winners, A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr. and Rick Mears
  • -changing car designs
  • -closest finishes

And of course there is focus on the traditions. 

  • -Why do drivers drink milk?
  • -Why kiss the bricks? 
  • -“Back Home Again in Indiana” 

The book also explains the different engines and body types. These are some of the things I struggle to remember from the early days so it’s nice to have a simple little refresher. 

The book also has A.J. Foyt in a starring role. I loved, loved, loved the pages with A.J.  Cooper and Avery get a chance to meet A.J. at the museum. I just met A. J. this last summer so that part was extra special to me. Chris actually went back and changed the meeting with A.J. Originally, Grandpa Jamie, Dad, Cooper  and Avery visit the IMS museum and meet A.J.  Chris sent me a note saying he decided to have the kids mom join them for the trip. Chris met many moms at IndyCar races and decided to add mom to the group. I love that because as my readers know in my house I’m the huge IndyCar fan. Moms love IndyCar too. I currently don’t have the finished product but a sample book which doesn’t have the extra pages with A.J. however I’m sure I will love them. 

“The Spectacle- Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500” is both written and illustrated by Chris Workman. As stated before the story is great. The illustrations are fantastic. The pictures are simple yet very detailed. I can instantly recognize the drivers and the cars. The pictures of the crowds are fascinating. I can’t imagine the time pit into the illustrations. I like looking at the pictures as much as I enjoy reading the book. 

A forward is given by 2014 Indy 500 winner, Ryan Hunter-Reay. A whole page complete with a picture of RHR kissing the bricks is given for the forward. Part of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Racing For Cancer.  

Robin Miller also gives his endorsement and Donald Davidson, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Historian, reviewed and fact-checked the book.  

I’ve said before I became a fan after reading A. J. Foyt’s biography so all books about IndyCar have a special place in my heart. This book is one I’m very glad to add to my collection. I look forward to sharing it with the kids in my life and just reading it for fun when I’m wishing it was May. If you are at St. Pete you can grab a copy and hopefully have Chris autograph your copy. If like me you are unable to attend St.Pete you can purchase “The Spectacle” at or it is available at both and

If you see Chris at St. Pete tell him Patti says Hi and is watching the mail for her additional books to arrive. Can’t wait to share them with new IndyCar fans. 

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